Our Services


Getting the Foundation Right

Building Optimisation

  • We like to work in collaboration with our clients from the early stages of a project to make sure we optimise the building both in terms of design as well as ensuring the building is operationally efficient and that the project is a success.
  • We have a dedicated advisory team who are responsible for offering expert advice to ensure our clients get the foundations of the project right – from optimal room mix to the size and location of common spaces.
  • We’ll partner with your design team to make sure that they’ve included all the operational features that keep a building running smoothly, from locating the cleaners’ cupboards to planning the reception desk. We’ll also help you to choose the optimal commercial arrangements, including the length of tenancies, the staffing levels and what to include in the rental package.

Cost Certainty

Our sophisticated and robust financial model combined with a transparent fee structure, will set out exactly where your costs lie and give you an accurate Income and Expenditure forecast that will, not only give you cost certainty but also enable you to make fully informed decisions about where to invest.

Brand and Product Development

We work with our clients to shape the best product for their target market, considering all aspects from level of service delivery to socio-economic expectations as well as building brand, unique features and interior design. We ensure that all your buildings are representative of the level of service and reputation you would like.

Filling the Building

Selling the Lifestyle

Everything we do is to facilitate a desirable lifestyle for residents to ensure they continue to choose to live in our clients’ buildings. From the very first touch-points with the customer, we aim to make their lives as seamless and enjoyable as possible, with fully online booking across both our Student portfolio as well as being one of the few operators to offer this our Build-to-Rent consumers.

We make sure that we continue to deliver on this lifestyle by making sure the buildings are well maintained and safe, as well as through activating social spaces and a residents’ portal – all of these things contribute to our vibrant neighbourhoods, which keep buildings full and our clients happy!

Delivering Volume Lettings through Strategic Marketing

Our highly experienced marketing team produce bespoke marketing plans for each and every building which is tailored to the audience, the building and our client’s wishes. The plans will use a mix of media to the ratio that works best for your asset – including digital, social, print and outdoor.


We aim to both meet and exceed the lifestyle demands of your residents.


Creating a Neighbourhood

Vibrant Neighbourhood and Residents’ Club

At Fresh we understand that happy residents, mean happy results for our clients – so once we fill the building, we aim to keep it full by making people feel like they are part of something special. We create a neighbourhood by activating the common spaces and enabling residents to get to know one another through social events and residents clubs.

Small Touches

We know that what makes a building a home is through small ambient touches – whether it is a smiling familiar face as you enter the building or a flowers and soft music in the residents’ lounge – we aim to both meet and exceed the lifestyle demands of your residents.

Surprise & Delight

Our teams pride themselves on going above and beyond when it comes to the service they deliver – and as a business we recognise these gestures with an internal awards system to reward our Unsung Heroes! It could be as simple as a warm cup of tea and a locksmith when they’ve lost their keys, a last minute residents’ barbecue on a sunny day or a special surprise on their birthday.

We know that surprising and delighting our residents goes a long way to making people feel special and valued – and ultimately will ensure they want to continue to live in the buildings we manage.

Facilities Management

We have a proven track record of managing buildings well, ensuring they are mobilised and operational as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our clients can be confident that their buildings will be fully compliant and safe. We take the health and safety of our customers, staff and buildings seriously. All staff receive the relevant Health and Safety training, and we handle all the risk assessments and statutory testing that you need to protect your investment.

Throughout the life of the building we manage it in a way that will ensure it is always well maintained, and will keep your tenants happy and your reputation intact. The combination of our in-house property team, on-site maintenance operatives, and our national framework of trusted and reliable contractors, ensures that we maximize quality and minimize your costs. We handle all the maintenance contracts centrally, to keep costs low and quality high. All of our contractors have been checked and verified. Tenants can report any issues from the comfort of their sofa using our online portal, and can view the status of the repair as it progresses.

Collaborative Partnerships

At Fresh Property Group, we pride ourselves on being more than just a third-party operator for our clients, we see ourselves as their collaborative partner.

Formal and Robust Reporting

Most of our clients are institutional investors meaning that we have honed our financial reporting to be of institutional quality and extremely robust. We have a large finance team who are supported by financial software such as SAP Business One which allows us to provide accurate, monthly financial reports.

At Fresh we have invested heavily in ‘best in class’ IT infrastructure and software to support the business, which enables staff to focus on front of house customer service and point of sale activities whilst ensuring all reporting to the client is carried out in a timely and accurate manner.

Flexibility and Agility

Fresh Property Group has national reach, infrastructure and coverage which enables us to take on, mobilise and manage new buildings very quickly.

Our business model means that we have a robust central support with the ability to be agile and responsive to our clients and the market. This agile business model translates to a 70:30 ratio of Central Services and site level service delivery. This ratio is what enables us to keep our quality of service delivery consistent across the portfolio and empowers the site teams to respond to their local markets.

Fresh has a small senior management team that are empowered to make decisions quickly meaning we are well equipped to respond to both the market and our clients’ demands.

Review, Evolve & Improve

We work with our clients to continuously review, evolve and improve the performance of their assets. Residents’ demands change and evolve and so do the expectations. We will keep our clients informed on what their residents expect and make informed recommendations on areas for improvement or tweaks to the service delivery, in order to ensure that their buildings remain full and ahead of the competition.