Restoration of the Year


On Thursday evening Channel 4 showed the fourth and final episode of its Great British Buildings: Restoration of the Year series. The series followed RICS professionals as they judged the best restoration projects in the UK.

Our very own The Old Fire Station in Birmingham was chosen by the judges as the winner of 20th Century projects. Although it didn’t win Restoration of the Year (Congratulation to Cardigan Castle), to be shortlisted for such a fantastic award is an incredible honour.

The show highlights the restoration by Watkin Jones Group, showcasing some of the incredible design methods used to ensure the historic building didn’t lose its iconic features. Some of these can be seen in the images below of the Engine Bays and Old Ballroom.

It’s an honour for us to manage such a historic and iconic building, the show also talks about the wonderful history of the building, reminding us that the former Central Fire Station was once a bustling community and home for families, and has now been brought back to life after many years as a fantastic community and home for students.

If you missed it, the episode is now available to watch via Channel 4 On Demand.

You can find more information about the awards on the RICS website.

The episode also created some fantastic conversation on Twitter with many users sharing photos from their past experiences at the Former Central Fire Station, these can be found at @TheOldFireStat.

Paul Tidy